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Twitter Interview #7 @Razor792

Twitter Interview #7!! I just realized most of my interviews are with Brits, and today's is no different! The wonderful @Razor792 Literally just visit his Twitter page and you'll see why he's cool. Click it, go ahead!
See it? He stole the Sega Mega Drive logo!! THAT'S WHY HE'S COOL!
Okay onto the interview...

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will? 

Of course I'm happy to participate in this interview, this gun against my head has no bearing on that whatsoever.

State your name and purpose:

My online alias is Razor and my purpose is to try and take over the human race by entertaining people with my YouTube videos and boring them with my Tweets.

What are the best and worst months of the year?

The best month of the year was May because I left my job and the worst month of the year was June for reasons I shall not bore whoever is reading this with.

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Monies for my Steam wallet!

Which cartoon character would make the best wife?

Dexter's Mum - All she does is wash up.

You won an award in a previous life. What was the award for? 

I won a Darwin award for sucking on exhaust fumes.

A scientist comes to you with their idea of how to make sewage into food. How do you react?

I would listen to their idea and steal it, then I would rework it in a way that the general public may find acceptable and finally once my idea is accepted I would win a far greater award than that lousy Darwin award.

Bill Clinton wants you to write him a speech about his favourite food (hot dogs). He would like you to keep it to 15 words and don't use the word taste, good or bun. Write Bill Clinton's speech:

I have no idea how to answer this question, so INDEPENDENCE DAY, huzzah! Go America! 

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game) 

The Kingdom of Ehb from Dungeon Siege, what a world that would be to explore! Of course I would want to be kitted out with some sweet gear as it's not the most friendly place to explore.

What does Hakuna Matata mean? And do you agree with the phrase?

I believe it means 'no worries' and no I agree with the phrase in a way because everything I have ever worried about has never happened, so no worries.

Complete the sentence:

Robots need to... Party!

Books can also be used for... Fuel!

I like to having to... Complete these sentences.

Toilet seats... Are useful when they aren't broken

The best thing about Monday's is... Tuesday.

Would you rather... 

Have a guest star part on
A) Saved by the Bell
B) Boy Meets World
C) Kenan & Kel

C- Kenan & Kel for sure! I could be the white guy in class that never gets befriended by the cool kids.

You are in a magic act, would you rather
A) Get cut in half
B) Disappear and reappear
C) Hijack his act and demand he reveal his secrets 

C- Those lousy magicians are all full of lies!

Have a man walk up to you and
A) Give you a pie in the face
B) Put a sticker on your back that says kick me
C) Trip you causing you to fall into a puddle 

A- I always make sure I carry a pie on my person in case such a situation arises, we would temporarily be a comedy act!

Have to have a 3 hour conversation with
A) A very loud talking old man with very bad hearing
B) A self obsessed alien who rolls his eyes every time you say something
C) An ant who is very interesting but keeps trying to prove his strength by lifting you

B- I would just listen to the alien as he tells me about his adventures and what his part of the Universe is like. Hopefully I can understand him.

Be stuck
A) In first class on an airplane surrounded by 5 crying babies
B) In a sewer with your favourite celebrity, who thinks it's your fault
C) With your head in a garden gate

Going back to Kenan & Kel I would probably choose C because it seems like the most fun!

Draw a picture of yourself with a huge smile and giving us the thumbs up. Be as detailed as you wish.

(original drawing by his friend but given life and realism by @Razor792 himself!)

"Robots need to party." That sums up this interview for me and I could not agree more, get partying!

Check out @Razor792's fantastic sites!

And his other YouTube Channel - Moron Media

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