Thursday, July 25, 2013

Twitter Interview #16 @Rachelskingdom

 Our 16th Twitter Interview is with up and coming stand up comedian @Rachelskingdom!
She's hilarious, oh so sweet and I hope to see her one day at the San Jose Improv!
Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?
Extremely :)
State your name and purpose:
Rachel Renee.  I'm here to absorb your laughter.
What is the best insect?
Fireflies (on so many levels)
You just won a years supply! But of what?
Money.  Of course.  Lots of money.
Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly. What do you gotta do?
Make people laugh, or fail trying. 
If I asked you to play charades right now, what would you mime? 
Playing a really old school Nintendo game, where you tried to make a wiimote before it was a thing. 
If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game) 
Uh, Legend of Zelda, of course.  However it would be pretty fricken scary...all those stalfos and ghosties.  Good thing I'm prepped on how to handle that (thanks Supernatural) 
If you could travel back in time to your childhood, what toy would you steal from your child self to bring back to 2013? 
My cabbage patch big wheel (it was pink).  Just in case you were wondering, I have my NES from when I was a kid, so no need for that trip :) 
You just met Bugs Bunny. Is he as cool as we think he is? And what does he smell like? 
He smells like Charmkins...and if you are old enough to remember that, then you're old enough to know Bugs is a real D*CK. 
Complete the sentence: 
My left hand usually...prefers to be called "The Correct One" (though I am not left handed) 
Twitter would be better friends were real. 
Microscopic germs lead a life  Tons of food, and generally, nothing to stop them. 
Make like a tree and...obstruct piping under peoples homes. 
I don't like when...people think I'm wrong 
Would you rather... 
Be stuck in an elevator with
*A) A lethargic Giraffe
B) A curious cat
C) A reassuring ghost
Carpool with
A) A child who keeps messing with the radio and changing seats
B) A co-worker who secretly hates you and the feeling is mutual
*C) An overly religious person who is trying to convert you against your will
Have your skin
A) Have leopard spots
*B) Have tiger stripes
C) Be covered in feathers from a bird of your choice
Have someone confuse you with
A) A fat actor
*B) A bad actor
C) Your mortal enemy
A) Too much
B) Too little
**C) Fish and Chips. Mmm, Fish and Chips.
Draw a picture of yourself doing a jig. Be as detailed as you wish.
Now go follow her before she gets too famous and need I say, too good for the likes of you!

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