Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Twitter Interview #3 @gamesbloke

 My 3rd Twitter interview is with the nicest person on Twitter EVER @gamesbloke He's always a good laugh and you'll never grow tired of his tweets. He's the perfect blend of seriousness, quirkiness and humour. So you better get following, lest you miss out!!

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?

I am happy joy joy and I love answering questions. I feel like I am on a talkshow so I feel well famous! 

State your name and purpose: 

Stephen R Turner. To be mildly amusing and ‘that’ guy you forget the name of but smile about occasionally

What is the best hour of the day and why?

11am because I can think about lunch while I eat a snack.

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Can I have six months worth of Rusks and six months of hugs??

Re-incarnation! Which animal would you like to come back as, which animal would you NOT like to come back as? Also, which inanimate object?

Dog. I could go for runs, get petted to death and eat leftovers with people smiling instead of frowning as I enjoy them. Most cats I know are pretty arrogant so not a cat. I want to be a rubber band. I could be useful and fun all in one pliable package!

What would the least threatening "death threat" letter say?

I am gonna cover you up in jam and have a hamster tickle it off you.

What's up Doc?

*feels non-pointy ears and looks for carrot* Er.... *looks to floor*

A moth keeps flying around your chest area. It's annoying you and you ask what it's doing. The moth says it's trying to get to the beautiful light you have in your heart. Do you now feel bad for being annoyed?

Nope. I would hit the moth with realism: “I can appreciate what your saying but you flap about near my heart, you could extinguish all light there permanently” I’d watch it start to get tearful then I would hug it softly, smile then tell the moth to run along and go find ONLY energy saving bulbs. Environment and all that!!

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)

Shenmue. Even the unhelpful/ignorant/rude/psychotic killer people are kind. Everyone knows something or nothing. Buses run on time. Forklifting is an awesomely rich career choice plus I get to have a large collection of small toys in my slacks without funny looks.

Books! Yay or nay?

Hell yay! You don’t just read a book, you smell it, you feel its texture. Turning pages gives satisfaction that e-readers can’t.

You are yourself at 10 years old. You can enter any tv show and interact with them, which tv show would you choose?

Crystal Maze – Christmas Kids Special. I could meet Richard O’Brien and ask him who is tailor is. Plus I could hug him and thank him for giving me the ability to time warp myself to happiness. Time and again!

Complete the sentence:

My kitchen doesn't include... utensils. EVER.

Old games hardly ever... let me down. They just keep on giving.

I have only one... dream: To wine and dine a lady and show her that fairy tales have their place in the modern age.

Twitter needs... more random musical skits and more girls that like Ys

The best type of person is... someone who can give me a backrub and/or play Sega Saturn with me without been confused.

Would you rather...

Spend a week
A) Looking after Honey Boo Boo
B) Trying to calm down Justin Bieber fans
C) With a pack of murderous clowns < would go through the least amount of emotions. Just fear.

By a jury of your peers, be named
A) Craziest Mofo on the planet < planet feels bigger. I am crazy so its an achieveable goal.
B) Ultimate Ninja Superstar
C) Fastest Gunslinger in the West, East, North AND South

A) Itchy for an hour
B) Tired for a whole day < I love sleep because I dream very elaborate and beautiful dreams. I should take a pen and pad with me to bed.
C) Too excited that you can't sleep for a week, then tired for a whole day

Go 3 days without
A) Twitter
B) Snack foods
C) Smiling < hurts my face to smile sometimes I tend to pull my face cheeks wrong so this would help rest my face.
D) Cocaine

Be told you are lovely by
A) David Cameron
B) No one < The other two would have an agenda.
C) A cocaine dealer

Draw a picture of yourself either flying or falling. Be as detailed as you wish.

What more can I say? The drawing says it all! And you can really tell he loved being interviewed, so head on over to his Twitter @gamesbloke

And while you're at it:

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