Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The Wolverine" Review by Laura D

First things first, I like that woman's socks. Watch the movie, you'll see the socks. I like em.

Second of all, and some may argue less important of all, there's these Yakuza guys in it. This bunch of wee guys who dress impeccably and some have little beards, so obviously I'm gonna be on their side. They sometimes shouted "iiiiiikkke!!!" Which reminded me of General Tani...

SPOILER ALERT: My guys don't win.

Oh and there's this Wolverine guy in it too.

Also, I would opine that there are too many white women in it. We were doing fine with a mostly Asian cast then the white women have to pop in. I yearn for the days we have to ask "where the white women at?"

I give this movie 1 pog out of 10. This is actually a better rating than you think because pogs are rare nowadays and to have 1 pog is to have many pogs. POGS!


Richard said...

Hahaha! That's some funny sh** and I still have a box full of pogs :)

Laura D said...

Thanks Richard!

Pogs are the best, you are so lucky to still have yours!! I wish I had even one of my slammers left...