Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Twitter Interview #25 - Re-Interview with @Sonicfan00715

 That's right everyone! The Twitter Interview series is back....with AVENGENCE!
Today's interview is actually a Re-Interview with the
wonderful @Sonicfan00715
(Read his first interview HERE)

Are you happy to participate in this re-interview or are you doing it against your will?
I'm very happy to participate in this re-interview of course, there is pizza in front of me so I definitely can't say no :D

Are you a happier person since participating in the Twitter Interview series? (Hint: The answer is YES)
YES! I am :D I spin dashed for joy since I'm participating in the interview series

You just won ANOTHER years supply! But of what?
Fruit gushers :D

If you could only play 3 games for an entire year. What would they be?
Sonic 3 & knuckles, crash bandicoot & spyro :D

You are youself at 6 yrs old. What would your perfect meal and dessert be?
Pizza & ice cream :D but then I'd probably regret it hours later from the major stomach ache I would have.

Cartoons! Which cartoon has the best theme song? And which has the worst?
The best cartoon theme song definitely has to be Ducktales & I can't really think of a bad cartoon theme song there are alot of good ones haha xD

An elderly man approaches you thinking you are his grandson, do you go along with it just in case he will give you money?
I go along with it & say hug me grandpa in my best eric cartman voice

Complete the Sentence:

The best weather is... cold weather since you get to dress warm :D

I often spill... water

My computer desk always... seems dirty

The silliest things are... silly putty

Monkeys like bananas. But turtles like... pizza cowabunga!

Would You Rather...

A) Breakfast
B) Lunch
C) To my lou

C definitely C

Have to
A) Take a big sniff of a very smelly shoe
B) Put your hand into a slimy garbage bag
C) Rinse your mouth with mouthwash someone else has already use

I'd definitely do A because it seems the least disgusting

Have dinner with
A) Sonic
B) Tails
C) Knuckles
D) Robotnik

Definitely sonic cuz he's the fastest thing aliiiiiive!

On Christmas Eve, take on the role of
A) Santa
B) A reindeer of your choice
C) An elf


Please explain your choice: Because I'd get to bring billions of presents to all the good boys & girls of the world & bring them happiness & cheer with my reindeer & say ho ho ho! & be jolly & wear a really cool red suit :D with a white beard, then I'd make captain crunch dress up as santa & give everyone a lifetime supply of christmas crunch berries :)

Draw a picture of yourself as the answer to the last question. Be as detailed as you wish.

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as well as everything 90s! - @Sonicfan00715

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