Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twitter Re-Interview #29 with @Boots_33

 A VERY exciting re-interview for me today!
As it's with my best pal in all the whole wild world (and yes,
I did say whole WILD world, it's damned wild out there!
...okay it was a typo to start with)
my bestest percent pal @Boots_33!!
Read on and you'll love him just as much as I do...
but not more! That's not allowed. Sorry.

Are you happy to participate in this re-interview or are you doing it against your will?
I will accept an interview as many times as I get them. :)

In what way has your life changed since your last Twitter Interview? I assume you now get recognized on the streets, is this a bother to you?
If I was employed last time, that has changed, as I am once again not. I don't mind the recognition, though. I just wish they didn't kick me.

You just won ANOTHER years supply! But of what?
Girl Scouts Thin Mints-flavored coffee creamer. Love the stuff.

Hey Arnold, Doug, Rocko or Catdog?
Probably Doug. It had the catchiest theme song.

You got drunk last night and have no recollection of that brand new tattoo on your forearm. What would be the most embarrassing thing it could say?
True Belieber

What number am I thinking of?
It's not really a number, but more of a percentage. :)

If you could get rid of any tv channel, which would it be?
TruTV. Nothing on that channel is remotely truthful. Horrendous.

Complete the Sentence:

Rub a dub dub...Percent Pals 4 lyfe, bub.

The worst thing to put on a pizza is...shards of glass

At 7pm, I usually can be found...quite easily. I'm a big dude. It's tough for me to hide.

Gorillas can be scary, but not scarier than...edible underwear.

My computer likes...soft, candlelit dinners.

Would You Rather...

A) Give a gift
B) Receive a gift
C) Both

Give. Easily.

Be eaten by
A) A dastardly lion
B) 100 ravenous worms
C) 2 sneaky rats wearing top hats and proclaiming you to be "an acquired taste"

A lion, because then I can claim that I was a feast worthy of kings.

Dance without moving your
A) Feet
B) Arms
C) Head

All of the above, cuz I'm a terrible dancer.

Have a cartoonist draw you
A) On a bad hair day
B) In the nude
C) Merrily digging a grave

C – It would be his final drawing.

Have to
A) Eat a burrito with a ton of sour cream on it
B) Spend a whole day with Donald Trump

Surprisingly, B. I might have to listen to Trump spew his nonsense for a day, but he could buy me a crapload of delicious untainted burritos and I would eat every single one of them. Sour Cream is the devil's disgusting invention.

Draw a picture of yourself as a happy percent sign. Be as detailed as you wish.

Where else can you find Tony I hear you ask? Well continue reading!

"I do podcasts!" (We're migrating SOON! Stay tuned...)

"I also has a blog that doesn't get a lot of love from me, but I'm hoping to turn that around. Check it out!"

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