Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Twitter Interview #26 with @Pat_Jey_Booth

 Today's interview is with the very funny
and very cool @Pat_Jey_Booth!

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?
I'm always happy to participate in anything!

State your name and purpose:
Patrick, and to making jokes so bad that they stop being bad.

If you could swap brains with any animal, which animal would it be?
A cat. I'd live the most relaxing life and then mess with humans to confuse them.

You just won a years supply! But of what?
Bacon! but the real question is whats a years supply of bacon? 9 tons? That still might not be enough!

You are yourself at 10 years old. I've travelled back in time to give you $50 to spend as you wish. What does 10 year old you buy?
Save it to help pay for Super Nintendo games. Those games where like $70!

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)
Silent Hill. I'd then regret that idea in every way as soon as it happens.

You have the opportunity to kick a clown right in the butt. Do you take advantage of this opportunity? And do you say anything as you do it?
Nope! I'm far to scared of clowns. The fear of what might happen to me if I did anything would stop me every time.

Complete the Sentence:

The best crime is...using the word 'bacon' in canadian bacon.

I have more than five...3DSes

Monkeys really should...start wearing pants.

My fridge doesn't contain a...perpetual motion machine...oh wait it does!

Back in the day...Kevin Bacon was in movies and not on TV.

Would You Rather...

Go on a date with
A) Wilma Flintstone
B) Daisy Duck
C) Bugs Bunny dressed up as a woman

Wilma. She's the only none anthropomorphic animal and I'd rather have to fight Fred then Donold.

A) A pie in the face
B) A static shock from your tv
C) A popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth

A static shock. A pie to the face is such a terrible waste of pie and popcorn is terrible!

A) Rocks
B) Paper
C) Scissors

Paper. I always need paper.

Have the jumping ability of
A) A kangaroo
B) A bunny rabbit
C) Neither, I would not like to jump

Bunny! its called a bunny hop for a reason!

A) Your keys
B) Your phone
C) Your marbles

My Marbles. It be Marble maddness!!!

Draw a picture of yourself as a spaceman. Be as detailed as you wish.

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