Friday, January 10, 2014

An Ode to Chino

A rodent with attitude
And not so much gratitude
All the food he will hoard
But at least he's not Rob Ford

He loves to sleep all day long
And doesn't think it's wrong
Breath making the cage misty
At least he's not Chris Christie

"Bring me tons of peanuts
And some carrots and doughnuts!"
Doesn't care what you say
Unlike the NSA

Now for some facts:
Doesn't ever pay tax
He's never seen a kitten
Best friend is Bill Clinton
That's Chino

By Laura D


Northxwind said...

That is so cute Laura! Put a smile on my 2nd degree burnt face till I felt it cracking and had to stop.

Laura D said...

lol! Well hopefully Chino's cuteness didn't do more harm than good! ;D Thanks!