Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Guilt Fish

My husband suggested we buy some little fish for the pond out back. Fishies in the garden, yay! So we go to PetSmart to get these minnows (some sort of tiny fish).

15 cents, they cost. Jeez oh, that's cheap. "We'll take a dozen" he tells the guy. The guy opens the tank and proceeds to collect the fish.

"15 cents," I think, "For a living thing...."

All of a sudden I start to feel very strange. An odd, uncomfortable feeling.

The guy drops a fish on the table accidentally, and gathers it up again with a little blue net.

I look around. "Hey those goldfish cost 17 cents. ...how come the goldfish cost two more?" my mind continues, "And those geezers over there! They're $3.50 each!" This confuses me, at best.

I look back at the guy. There's not a dozen yet, he goes back to the tank. One falls on the floor, it takes him 3 attempts to pick it up.

I'm not enjoying this.

He stuffs em in a plastic bag and puts a hose in it, it puffs up like a balloon.

This does not feel right at all. I want to run and hide by the hamsters. But they all have wet tail!

I hear birds chirping and screeching like maniacs in a closed off room, marked "Staff Only". I bet there are diseased hammys in there too.

GUILT! That's what it is! $1.80 for 12 little creatures! Man. This sucks.

Anyway, here are the fishies....

I call this one big eye, because of his...big eye. The other 11 are yet to be named but are all happily in a pond now. Soon to be accidentally licked by thirsty squirrels.

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