Thursday, June 28, 2007

An update on my favourite show - Life of Dragon and Tiger (SPOILERS)

As you know, I've been watching Life of Dragon and Tiger. Well, the series is now over. And as you may or may not remember I spoke about a man I've named Stephen. I wrote, quote,
"He's crying at this very moment. Breaks my heart to see young Stephen cry."
I wonder what could possibly break my heart even more than seeing him cry? On Monday night.....I saw him die!

Okay, I admit he was on a downward spiral, he was selling drugs, taking drugs, working for the guy we've named "The Magician" (he's a high up non-communist guy), setting up his mentor for crimes he didn't commit because the woman Stephen loves is in love with him, and he seemed act weirder by the day not to mention not being able to perform surgeries anymore. But I was sure he was going to get better!

Anyway, he was shot by "The Magician". I couldn't believe it.

Let's relive some Stephen memories.
Stephen on the right with "Senor Caro" on the left. I remember these days, it was the start of his downfall.

Damn, this is 5 minutes before he dies. Stephen on the left, "The Magician" on the right.


jadeila said...

I've never seen this show, but I loved Six Feet Under. I'm downloading the SFU box set...yippee!

Laura D said...

I love Six Feet Under, I'm in the midst of watching the season 4 box set.

And I'd go as far as saying that Life of Dragon and Tiger is even better than SFU...if you like watching shows in Mandarin.