Monday, June 11, 2007

I Stabbed My Hand

I am currently in the midst of making an anti pasti from my Henry Hill Wiseguy Cookbook. 15 minutes ago I was trying to pay attention to cutting the garlic but my senses were distracted by watching Penn & Teller and Paul talking about formaldehyde.

As I held a piece of garlic with one hand and tried to chop it with the knife in my other, I heard Penn say he knows a guy called Jesus and he plays world championship poker (shocked to hear that in the mainstream!) then Paul said something about formaldehyde and I was trying to comprehend that then OUCH! I literally stabbed myself in the hand! Not just a "ooh, I cut my finger while chopping" it was a STAB! I have a hole in my hand! It's small but it's a hole! No blood but it hurt!


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