Thursday, March 29, 2007

News on Reviews

As some of you know, I haven't done a "Laura D's Opinions on Various Disney Movies" in a while and I am here to announce that I am changing it to "Laura D's Opinions on Various Robin Williams Movies".....for a short time anyway, because I really want to review Hook!

What else? I just played Back to the Future 3 on the Master System. My whole life I haven't been able to get past that first level! I never reach Clara in time. She ALWAYS falls off the cliff!

I'm off now, I'm really in the game playing mood so gonna go play Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for the Mega Drive. That is a real cool game.....until it gets to the Thriller level and goddamnit I hate it when the zombies drip zombie juice all over you!


Alek said...

I've just spent a few hours trying to get past the first level of back to the future 3 as well... I still can't do it.. After nearly 20 years!!!! After googling, all I could find was your blog post, and you're in the same situation as me! Great. :( What do we do?

Laura D said...

Find cheats! Games seem to be a lot harder back in the day compared to nowadays games.

Anonymous said...

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