Thursday, March 15, 2007

Answers to Questions

Would you grant me permission to review your Blog, alike some actor's, tech's and other blogs I have reviewed in the past? Permission granted!

Did you get in trouble from your bro for opening the camera the other morning???
Ok, I admit it. I didn't open it, I just wrote that because I knew he would check my blog while he was at work.

What is your favorite meal???
Anything from my Henry Hill Wiseguy Cookbook.

Do you like football???

Do you drink alcohol???
No, only champagne.

Do you watch crap on tv???
No, I only watch good shows. And I just bought the Six Feet Under Season 1 Box Set!

Now that you have this video camera, is it reasonable for us to expect some live youtube coverage from the world of Laura...?
Stay tuned! It is very likely I will put old stuff and some new stuff up.

Laura D - Practically Perfect in Every Way *hands you special tape measure and magic talking umbrella*
I take it you've been watching Mary Poppins....did you get the DVD? And also I think you wrote your username on your blog somewhere.

Thanks for all the questions, you gave me something to do.