Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Leave me a comment!

Just want to see how many I can get.

Go ahead, ask me a question about anything and I'll answer it in the next post....maybe the one after that. Go ahead!

Or just leave any kind of comment!

Anybody. Come on. Even if you've never left one on here before, I invite you to do so now. Go! Quick! Time is running out! What you waiting for?!


Four Eyes said...

Hey, just randomly found your blog. Cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Here it goes! Your much awaited comment. My Question: Would you grant me permission to review your Blog, alike some actor's, tech's and other blogs I have reviewed in the past?

Laura D said...

Yes, you absolutely have permission to do that!

Human said...


scottishlad said...

Hi laura, ok i have a few questions for you....Did you get in trouble from your bro for opening the camera the other morning???
What is your favorite meal???
Do you like football???
Do you drink alcohol???
Do you watch crap on tv???

That will do for now,thanks again Murray aka scottishlad.

imjusthere4thebeer said...

Now that you have this video camera, is it reasonable for us to expect some live youtube coverage from the world of Laura...?

Anonymous said...

Laura D - Practically Perfect in Every Way *hands you special tape measure and magic talking umbrella*


-Who still has not remembered her username-

Anonymous said...

March MAAAAAAADDDDNESSSS!!! Hello! Great Blog. Found you on :)

Bianca's Jewelry said...

Thank you for the lovely comment. You take beautiful pictures. ^_^

matysek said...

thank you for your 1st comment on my blog. cute pics ;)