Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Day

9am - Got up because I'm waiting on a package to arrive.
10am - Watched Larry King repeat on CNN
11am - I am Garfield, I just ate lasagne and yes I know it's 11am but I saw the lasagne and I wanted to eat it!
11.15am - Star Trek is on, I wish they'd hurry up and invent the holodeck already, what are these scientists of nowadays doing all day?!
11.20am - The package I was waiting on has arrived, it's a camcorder that Paul bought, although I did give him some money towards it. What can I say? That's what sisters are for.....it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that I am dying to make a new segment that has been written for ages!
11.40am - I emailed Paul at work, he says I've not to open the package til he gets home.
11.41am - I'm looking at the package. I want to open it.
11.42am - I can see some mini DV tapes sticking out the side of it.
11.43am - I want to open the package.
11.44am - Screw this! I'm opening it!