Thursday, January 18, 2007

Norman Chad and the Five of Spades

Paul and I just got that WSOP Tournament of Champions game for the PC. We attempted to play it for a while but realized we might have to play the whole game just to hear Lon and Norm so we decided to exit the game and go straight to the audio files to hear them. We clicked one and it was indeed Lon. We clicked another and it was Norm saying "The five of spades" in a regular sort of way. We clicked another and it was Norm again saying "The five of spades" but this time in a happy manner. We clicked the next and it was Norm saying "The five of spades" in a very sad way. And man I couldn't stop laughing at the sad one! It's hilarious!

So here for you is the three sounds CLICK

That sad five of spades is hilarious!


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