Thursday, January 11, 2007

It was 2am and I was so tired......

I was entertained last night by Bud acting out a whole episode of The Simpsons. Might I add in here that I was out all day and I was exhausted, maybe that's what made it funny.

It was the episode where Lisa helps Mr Burns get rich again by recycling and he invents the Lil Lisa Slurry. Bud acted out this whole episode and I was laughing my head off! I especially liked the part where Lisa is disgusted about the slurry and Mr Burns says "100% reeeee-cycled animals!". Then there was another good part where Bart says "I'll do it this afternooooon". I also found it hilarious when Mr Burns asked Krusty "Can you tell me where the Burns O's are?" I found this re-enactment of the Simpsons episode hilarious, I give it 5 stars.

I look forward to tonights episode, Bud has given me a preview - (Flanders voice) "Put you away! Put you away for good!"

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Leonnie said...

xD Sounds interesting!