Friday, January 12, 2007

A Couple of Things

  1. I was entertained once again last night by Bud re-enacting a whole episode of the Simpsons. This episode was the one where they get a pool. I enjoyed the part where all of Bart's friends are there and Marge asks if he knows all these people, Bart says "Friends and relatives" then an unknown character says "Hello Mrs Cumberdale". But I especially liked the part where Milhouse is trying to go to the pool but he is signing Barts leg cast and ends up writing Milpool, the reason I like this part is that even though Bud wears glasses he insists on putting his hands in circles over his eyes like he is wearing glasses. I give this episode 5 stars! Unfotrunately there is no more re-enacting of Simpsons episodes but I think he is hinting at re-enacting Forrest Gump!
  2. Exactly 1 year ago Leonnie and I had a fencing match. I think it is about time for another match. So I formally invite Geoffery to my mansion on the day that he wishes to fence with the also very rich Jeffrey. Jeeves will be at the door to greet you and hand you your sword.


Leonnie said...

Dear oh dear, has it been a year already? Challange accepted!

Anonymous said...

...i totally wish i could recite entire episodes of the Simpsons... buuut... its "friends and well-wishers".

awsome though. have selected regicide if you know the if you know the name of the king or queen being murdered, press one.

Anonymous said...

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