Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Classic Conversations with Laura D

Based on a true story...

...actually, word for word a true story...

LD: hey wait
LD: gold diggers, right?
LD: aren't they originally men?
LD: how come they swapped it over?
Bud: oh yeah
LD: hahahha
Bud: hahahaha
LD: it's the men that are the TRUE gold diggers!
Bud: coal aswell
LD: coal diggers
LD: santa must employ a few of those
Bud: yesss
LD: for the naughty listers
Bud: Dave lister
LD: I think he might get coal
LD: but if it's in vindaloo sauce he'd probably just eat it
Bud: ohhh
Bud: That will be rd11
LD: coal in vindaloo sauce
Bud: rimmer gets coal and tries to find out what he did
Bud: scary voice
Bud: u killed 168 ppl
Bud: "oh that"
LD: this is great
LD: I believe they call it fanfic
LD: like when Mulder and Scully went on a picnic
Bud: hahaha
Bud: strange
LD: thank you

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