Friday, April 26, 2013

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

At long last, I got my Sega Genesis working! Given to me at Xmas from my brother (along with a hell of a lot of games). First time I've ever played a Genesis...hard to believe? Well technically it's true since in Scotland I was playing the Mega Drive.

So, last night I decide to play Sonic 2.
Normally, being the younger child I'm always Player 2, and I like being Player 2. But I had to step it up to being full on Sonic, no more Tails for me. As I played, I made some notes to myself...

(in random order)
  • I hate water levels. Hate em, hate em. I keep drowning, bubbles don't appear when I need them! And I'm too damned cavalier to take a bubble when I'm not drowning. (That would be Aquatic Ruin Zone)
  • Hill Top Zone! I used to love being Tails here because as soon as the level starts I jump on the vine lift and leave Sonic standing there all by himself with nowhere to go. I find this hilario and will do it everytime. So if you see me giggling at the music for that level it's because I'm thinking of that feeling.
  • I don't like when a spring sends me in the wrong direction or into spikes. However I do like it when it sends me to another close by spring and I shoot rapidly back and forth between the two. Ahh, that's the stuff.
  • My husband (who was in the room at the time) has never played Sonic, of any kind, ever. And when Casino Night Zone started, he was heard to remark "That's some funky music". Yes. Yes it is.
  • Another memory I have of Casino Night Zone, is being Tails, oh my lovely Tails...and getting stuck in walls due a glitch, and floating about the place like an escaped mental patient seeing the world for the first time in years.
  •  Mystic Cave Zone! We used to call this the Chippy Zone, cause randomly, EVERY SINGLE TIME we played, someone would bring chippy chips into the house. We used this round sparingly due to this. Alas, last night there were no chippy chips brought to me :( ...though today I found out my brother had chippy chips back in Scotland! SO IT STILL WORKS!!
  • Special Stages. Gotta love em. But mostly only as Tails (again). It's too much pressure to collect and avoid while being Sonic. Plus I like spinning in circles and being of use to no one. ...Much as in life! I guess video games really do influence us :O


dixiebelle said...

My son loved Sonic the Hedgehog! I never played much but watched a lot. Glad you figured the system out =)

Laura D said...

I also used the be the watcher and not the player with many other games, lol :-)