Saturday, March 09, 2013

Laura D's Bio

          Laura was born and raised in Scotland. The movie Braveheart was set in Scotland. Co-incidence? I think not. That movie made $210,409,945. This was merely the first of her successes.

          She went on to make many movies and tv shows for her own entertainment until 2005, when she landed her first paying tv gig. You know that Sherlock Holmes show on BBC you like so much? Yeah, it wasn't that, it was another Sherlock Holmes show on BBC...and she was cut out for time constraints (true story, check her IMDB here).

          She would later work for ITV, where she ate all the grapes from the lunch van. She still enjoys the occasional grape to this day.

          In 2012, Laura became a U.S. resident, much to America's dismay. During this time she worked as Campaign Manager for the "Chino 2012" campaign. Today, Laura refuses to stop uploading videos to Youtube despite never going viral...except when she has the flu...then she's totally viral.


dixiebelle said...

I love reading your blog =) I've not been around much latley so I've missed a few things! Are you really from Scotland? I've been an extra in a movie before =)

Laura D said...

Glad to have you back! Yeah I'm from Scotland, hehe. Which movie were you an extra in? :D

dixiebelle said...

I was an extra in a movie shot in Nashville, TN it's called "At Close Range" with Sean Penn and Christopher Walken. A very sad and dark movie. I am in the scene that takes place at the fairgrounds =) It was fun.

How cool that you're from Scotland!

How's Chino? And yes I've been away. Just with work and my guy mostly =) Life sometimes gets too busy to blog! I enjoy yours though when I slow down to read. Chino makes me smile!

Laura D said...

I'll have to download Nashville and see if I can spot you now! :D

Chino's fine, a little hyper today because I let him burrow outside in a planter, lol. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments btw :-)

dixiebelle said...

Aww thank you Laura =)

I enjoy reading your lighthearted words. It is a nice change from some of the things I've read on other blogs!