Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Random Comments by Laura D

  • So on Sunday I spent the entire day in hospital, I overheard this one guy getting taken in. All the nurses are panicking. Heart rate? 250bpm!! Cause? Meth. Don't do meth kids...anyway, I prefer this heartbeat (go to 0.41)
  • I moved all the pictures and videos from my phone to my computer. Ahhh, my phone feels so much lighter, that's a nice feelin.
  • YESTERDAY! I had been saving some doors on my Hello Kitty calendar  so I could have a hit of chocolate right when I need it. So I goes to open it up I does. And what do I find? A Hello Kitty fridge magnet. A forking Hello Kitty fridge magnet. I cannot EAT a Hello Kitty fridge magnet.
  • I leave you now with this photo of little of the few photos without the phenomena that I like to call "fur blur"

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