Thursday, February 09, 2012

Laura's Blood

I will write this in the same form I wrote about my brother Paul's blood.

Okay, today I had to go to the doctors to get a Tuberculosis test, numerous injections including flu shot and also a blood test. Eek! (eek is for the blood test)

But first I had to enroll in the doctors clinic.

Questions, questions and photo taking for an ID. Wait, taking me photo before I get a blood test?! Better that than after I suppose. Here's the photo:

You can make your own judgements about the expression on my face.

So now to the tests and needles! What? I have to wait around for 40 minutes? Ugh, okay, lets go for a walk. On the walk we see this...

But no time to hang around with Hello Kitty Geisha edition now! We have to get back to the Docs.

Some more questions, weight taking etc. I'm also informed the lab is closed on Saturdays so they can't take my blood today (Friggin' Lab Scientists, you know who you are!)

Nurse takes my temperature with one of those ear thingys. Leaves the room and comes back with a Doctor.

Doctor says do you have a scratchy throat? Sneezing? Etc? (I added the etc) I say no. Doc says my temperature is 99.9. So I can't get the injections. But I can still get the TB test.

They do this test by injecting something into your inner forearm (is that the technical term?) just below your inner elbow (That IS the technical term) just below your skin. You come back a couple days later and they check if your skin has reacted badly to it (I think). So...

Nurse wipes me arm. Comes at me with a little needle so I look away, needle pokes me and I make such a face like this :-# (that's my teeth) and I grab for the person nearest me (You know who you are!).

Oh good, it's all over, didn't even hurt or anything. Nurse walks away and I feel absolutely fine.

Couple minutes later my arm feels weird and BOOM! Everything goes all dizzy, not to mention my hearing goes wacky. Oh I know this feeling, it's fainting time.

Doctor shouts "Get her to a bed! STAT!" (I add this for dramatic effect, otherwise known as a lie)

Anyway, after a while of lying down I feel normal and sit up. Even though I'm apparently all pale (No jokes! I mean paler than normal!) and not to mention all sweaty feeling.

Nurse comes in and laughs and asks "How are you going to do the blood test if this happens from the TB test?" I shrug.

We leave for the waiting room to go home. Then I get told to sit down while the money part is taken care of. I forgot about this part cause I'm not American, I assumed you can just leave but apparently not. You gots to pay your bills!

I'm sitting there and oh man, now I'm getting all dizzy again (it was very hot in there and stuffy, no air movement). I basically sit on the floor for a good 8 minutes maybe? I couldn't really keep track of the time. But once I got outside all was fine! Yay!

But you know what? Now I have to go back on Saturday for rest of the TB test and then on Monday again for many injections and the blood withdrawal. Be warned, that means more stories to come.

Also, I was intermittently giggling while I was all fainty.

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Steve Burns said...

I know that feeling. I passed out a few months ago after donating blood. Apparently, it caused quite a commotion, and I got lots of attention from the staff. I'm much better now, though.