Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Story of The Cat

Several days ago a cat was sitting in my garden, (for those who don't already know, I love cats) so as you do, I ran out there as fast as I could to take a photo of her with my phone. She saw me and ran...and I chased her, like some feline paparazzi.

She was gone and all I got was this photo...

But the next night she came back and actually stuck around, I played with her and petted her. I noticed at this point she is pregnant! So my mind starts buzzing with "ooh, I could steal her kittens!!!" and such...

For the last few days she has come back everynight. 2 nights ago I let her in and she didn't want to leave so I let her sleep in my bed. She was very strange though, as you can see in this photo she likes to sleep like a human, body on the bed and head on the pillow!

Also, with her face right in my face!

I would like to take this opportunity to say if you are a stray and would like to sleep in bed with me, you know where to find me. NOTE: this only applies to stray cats...not stray humans.

Anyway! I really hope she comes here when she is going to deliver her kittens, it's much safer for her and the kittens to be here than out on the streets. Plus I want to steal her kittens!!

Damn, just realized I posted a photo of me with no make up.


Steve said...

That's funny to me because we keep our bedroom door closed at night to keep our cat out of the room. She would jump up on the bed and walk on us when we were trying to sleep, and we finally had enough of that! :)

mercurry said...

She would jump up on the bed and walk on us when we were trying to sleep ^^