Monday, March 07, 2011

"Car Cat"

Oh, dear Car Cat
What do you look at?
It's certainly not me
Maybe that tree?
Or is it a bush?

Either way,
I'm calling foul play
Cause you won't even look at me

I'm taking your photo for god sake,
And I know you're awake!
I can see your eyes open
And that slight grin
Cause you know I'm standing here
Waiting for you to look at me

And why not sit on the grass?!
Or is that car...
Stuck to your...

by Laura D

I saw Car Cat today on my travels...maybe I shall see you another day too.


Steve said...

Funny stuff! Before we moved, our neighbors had a cat that would sit on our cars all the time. I guess his owner's cars weren't good enough for him.

Laura D said...

Haha! I wish I had a car just so that cats would sit on it, then I could kidnap them ;D hehe!