Monday, March 24, 2008

More on the challenge!

I checked with Bud about the rules again and apparently if I email Jack Cafferty and get something read out on CNN that counts for 1. So every night I will be leaving Jack Cafferty a comment on his blog and be watching the Situation Room to see if it's read out.

Secondly I have somewhat of a problem now.....I know 3 people that will almost definitely reply if I message them on their myspace. Doesn't seem like a problem but it is! Everyone who knows me knows I'm against myspace for the simple reason that it's the worst layout of any webpage I've ever seen. So now I have to decide whether or not to get a myspace page......what's more important....the challenge....or my ethics? hmm....

Ahh, it's fun making a big deal out of nothing

1 comment:

Linh said...

I realize this is extremely late, but you can have your ethics and challenge too! Just make your myspace page simple and clean as a way to prove it can be neatly laid out.

It can be.. people just think more flashy stuff is great, and it sadly reminds me of the early web days of flashing neon text.