Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a question that needs an answer!!!

Do any of you know the name of the guy in the middle? The guy in the beige kinda colour jacket. I've seen him in like 3 different tv shows and I can't figure out his name....I've looked everywhere on the internet that I can and I still can't come up with his name. This is very frustrating. Someone help me out know you want to.

I know that's Wang Zhifei on the right of the picture...try to ignore him for a second if you can. Look past him if you will. Who's that other dude?!


JoJosho said...
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Akinogal said...

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Dumuro said...

See here or here

roomkey said...

the link is as above

the name of the episoda is

the name of the actor, should be...hihi, has not figured out yet