Monday, May 21, 2007

The Bombay Cat

I was thinking just now that I'd like to talk about this because the cat limelight is almost always stolen by the Siamese! Now for your reading pleasure is the similarities between the bombay cat and me.

  1. We both have green eyes
  2. We both like to sleep.....a lot
  3. Bombay cats prefer living indoors.....hey, me too!
  4. Loud noises make the bombay cat nervous.....I guess it's the same for me?
  5. They like to hide behind chairs, cupboards and anywhere it is difficult for a predator to gain too?
  6. Okay I seem to have lost my way with this list
Basically my point is that they are an underrated breed of cat and it frustrates me when people say "don't let a black cat cross your path, it's bad luck". I had my cat (bombay called Cassy) for more than ten years, so imagine the amount of bad luck those people are pushing on me!

This isn't my cat, it is merely an example.

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