Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I know a person who wishes to remain un-named that cannot tell the difference between a few people. I find this shocking so much I feel I had to blog it. Mainly because everytime these people come on tv he has no idea who it is and is convinced and even argues with me over who they are.

The first two people he gets confused with are Layne Flack and Phil Laak. I really have no explanation as to why he can't tell the difference except from the fact that their names are slightly similar. Every time Layne Flack comes on tv he says to me "look there's the unabomber!"

The second couple of people he gets confused with is from me watching Six Feet Under - yes I know it finished ages ago but I've just started watching it. Anyhow, he cannot tell the difference between Nate and David. Every time David comes on tv he'll turn to me and, not wanting to be wrong, says to me "uh......hey that's that guy.....(waiting for me to give him some sort of clue if it's Nate or David)......uh.....Nate?" Then I have to laugh hysterically and tell him over and over again that it is David and explain the storylines that David is involved in and the storylines Nate is involved in.

Even though he really wants to get it right he never does, be it Phil Laak and Layne Flack or Nate and David Fisher, he never gets it right. I do however take great delight in asking him over and over who they are.


Anonymous said...

Haha! lol Through out the first few words i thought you were talking about moi xD


Anonymous said...

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