Monday, June 13, 2016

Random Things I Find Interesting

  • The high percentage of smokers that are ALWAYS in the big brother house. It's way higher than the general public. What's going on there?! Maybe so they can punish them by taking away the cigarettes? Who the fork knows.
  • When a protestor interrupts a Donald Trump rally, he routinely says "They're professional agitators". Mr Trump, I think YOU'RE the professional agitator.
  • Black Jelly Babies. They are the tastiest! Like I've always said, once you go black jelly baby you don't go back jelly baby.
  • Hayfeves. That's my cool new word for hayfever. Aw man av got the hayfeves. Full blast. (Full blast is also my cool new phrase.)
  • If they had let me join the army when I first applied I'd be a Lieutenant Colonel by now. Lieutenant Colonel Laura D. ...sounds good to me!
  • The best part of that "Ring My Bell" song is how it goes on and on about the bell. You can ring my bell. Ring my bell. My bell. Ring my bell.

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