Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Planes, Airtrains and Automoplanes

Recently I had a 3 plane connecting flight, that means I was in 4 different countries in less than 24 hours. Very confusing for your brain, by the way. Thinking you're in one country when you're in another, thinking it's bedtime when it's 11am. Anyhoo, I figure it'd be interesting to show you the difference between various countries from above. So without further Abu...

 San Francisco, USA
Ain't those mountains pretty? They probably have a name but I dunno what it is.
I'm gonna say....the Franny Mounties.

 Frankfurt, Germany.
My first ever time in Germany! And a security guy there thought I was German.
Strange, as all the years I've spent in America, not once did anyone think I was American.
A child? Sure, all the time. (heightist!!)

 London, England.
Over a golf course apparently. No idea which golf course, of course.
I'm gonna say...Nodnol Golf Course.

 Glasgow, Scotland.
Yep, one look at the sky tells you where you are.

And just in case you were still confused about where you are. Lovely Scottish rain lets you know.

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