Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Twitter Interview #22 @Retrocore_RCVGM

 Today's Twitter Interview is with the GREAT @Retrocore_RCVGM!
Every time time we talk, we realize we lived the exact same childhood, and it's fantastic!
I have to say I am particularly fond of this interview (not that I have faves or anything...all of my Twitter Interview children are loved equally...or...something) Ahem...INTERVIEW TIME!!

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?

I'm so stoked! I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming....ouch!!

State your name and purpose:

The names Count Juicy, there is none higher. Sucking everything from plants to tires! Nah, I kid. My name is Chris and my purpose to live is to play all the retro games!

Who put the screw in the tuna?

A certain person who loves orange soda did. And if he would of kept his mouth shut they could of been millionaires! 

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Doughnuts!! I love doughnuts and since I couldn't possibly eat a years worth, I could toss some at punk kids who won't stay off my darn lawn!! *shakes fist*

You are going on a camping trip, which 3 cartoon characters would you like on the trip with you?

1.Rocko: for the most part he has his head on straight.
2.Skeeter: because who who doesn't love Skeeter? 
3.Catdog: because no one should be alone in the world. :(

You are meeting your friend's newborn baby. While her back is turned, the baby gives you the finger. What do you do?

I remember and wait until the kid is 16. Then I steal its car and run it off a cliff. That'll teach he/she a lesson!

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)

I live the life of a game everyday. Not a day goes by I don't rescue the President from Ninjas. It's not all bad I guess. He does buy me a burger. Oh the life that I live is sad...

Sidewalks are being replaced with something more child friendly. The city council asks for your expert opinion. Trampoline sidewalks or Play-Doh sidewalks?

Trampolines! Getting across the street would be easy! Just jump off your roof, land on the trampoline sidewalk and enjoy ninja flipping over cars to the other side!

Complete the sentence:

I would like tarantula's better if...they could bring me beers and switch out games for me. 

Tickling is...all fun and games until someone pees themselves.

My shoes are... usually stinky and muddy.

Monkeys need to learn better manners but elephants need to...watch where they poop. Ever see the aftermath of a parade that had elephants???? 

Mornings are... overrated. Mornings should start at noon

Would you rather...

A) A book written about you
B) A movie made about you
C) A comic book drawn about you


For an entire week, eat only
A) Various cereals
B) Toast with various toppings or fillings
C) Eggs in various forms


Would you rather
A) Cry wolf
B) Have your house blown down by a wolf
C) Spend the day with Wolf Blitzer

C? I have no idea who that is. Hopefully he doesn't bite!

A) Ripped off
B) Ripped on


Spend the entire day
A) Standing up
B) Sitting down
C) Lying down
D) Dancing around


Draw a picture of yourself winking at us. Be as detailed as you wish.

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