Monday, May 27, 2013

The Dream Poem

I had a dream last night, everyone kept going on and on about this kid who won a poetry contest. They kept saying it's the best poem they've ever read. After much wondering, at the end of the dream I got to see it. It was engraved on this black piece of, I dunno, thing. And this was it...

"Camel identity
Worth ink"

Now if anyone can figure out what the hell that means, I would be more than interested to know!

Speaking of which, why do poems have to be so cryptic? Why can't you just have a good old fashioned poem where you don't need to crack a code? Like, oh I don't know....this one I just wrote...

Buttocks, buttocks
They're so great
Sat on by a buttock
That's my fate

This poem represents my premonition of dying by accidentally being sat on by a fat person.

Also, poets should have to explain their poems. The way I just did. Cause I'm cool.



Boots_33 said...

I promise I will not sit on you.

Laura D said...

I thank you, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't die from you sitting on me. It's the huge buttocked I have to look out for XD

Network Ace said...

good one...keep it up