Saturday, November 06, 2010

An Account of Bonfire Night

So yesterday was bonfire night. We had about 5 fireworks, but no launcher. And decided, we should just push the wooden stick of the firework into the grass just a bit.

As my dad lit the firework, I watch from the door. After a little bit I think, hmm something's not right, shouldn't it have shot up to the sky already? Then I hear my dad shout "Oh, f**k!"

As this happens I see the firework get really bright on the ground and I turn to run away but keep my face towards the firework. Of course I am wanting to see what will happen, I don't want to miss it! So as I run away and watch at the same time, I see the firework go off in the garden, sending sparks and sparkles and guy fawkes night goodness in every direction!

Here is an artist's rendering of what happened.

This is actually the real photo my brother took at the time (he didn't run) but we have added the outer sparks. The yellow in the middle is right before it's about to explode!

No one was hurt.......this time.

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