Thursday, July 19, 2007

General Update

  • I've just started watching my Six Feet Under Season 4 box set. I find it hilarious how Rico always has some anger brewing under the surface, and he could get offended by a comment at any second.
  • Last night I watched Paul play poker online. Usually he gets bored during the big tournaments so every so often I'd entertain him with my Scotty Nguyen impression. There was also a guy at the table who had a picture of Hitler beside him, which led to us saying odd sentences like, "Hitler's playing like a maniac!".
  • I've downloaded some Wang Zhifei shows, going to watch them later tonight.
  • Enjoying a dog free home.
  • Apparently I can get a free laptop from PC World but I'll have to look into it more.

Here's something cool Paul made for me.

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