Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Please Call Stella" - 2005

I don't talk in specifics much about the movies I make so I thought "Oh, why not? Let's do it today".

The photograph below is a screenshot from a movie we made called "Please Call Stella". It's a film noir detective sort of story. Written by me, directed by Paul. Like always I play a lot of characters in this one, 4 to be exact. In the picture below I am playing a character called Cha, a statistical researcher who has Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, OCPD not OCD, and who is a little off to say the least. This particular picture is from a scene where Cha is talking to the detective (also played by me), eventually gets so frustrated at all the implications and takes out a knife and attacks the detective; which is very difficult when you have to play both characters!

I really like playing these kinds of characters, the ones that are a little off but seem perfectly normal from their own point of view.


Bud said...

I was always a fan of "The Meteor" (2006)
and "Dosh" (2004).

Laura D said...