Friday, November 29, 2013

Off The Record

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Laura:  too bad walky talkys don't work at this distance
ad love to play xfiles right now
Bud:  they do work
theyre called phones
Laura:  those are rubbish they're too clear!
Bud: hahahahha
Laura:  hahahahha
then al hold in the thing and breathe heavy
and be like
dis is big
bigger dan all of us scully
Bud:  hahahahha
Laura:  den al cut off after goin
what is thaaa-!!
Bud: hahahha
Laura:  then we'll go to adverts
Bud: yeah
Laura:  and u can be like
mulder! mulder!!
Bud:  whatta u want, where is mulder
Laura:  :O
blad guy
Bud:  cheah
Laura:  hahahha
Bud:  blad
Laura:  how come am the boy and ur the girl
first off
Bud:  well furst of all
muilder is nuts
Laura:  oi!
Bud: so i mean
Laura:  hahahaha
Bud: derfore
Laura:  al give u that one
Bud: hahahahah
Laura:  ahahaha
Bud:  u wouldnt like to be serious
wait hold on
This chat is no longer off the record

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