Monday, October 11, 2010

20 Days Til Halloween!!

We shall celebrate today with a Laura D movie review of "Hocus Pocus"!

Story of 3 witches who were sentenced to die 300 years ago and now they are back. I for one am glad they are back, cause if they weren't it'd be a movie about children.

As I recall, from my childhood, the most annoying person in this movie is Max. I remember thinking that guy is so cheesy and annoying and I want to punch him. Later I found out that in the story he has moved to Salem from Los it makes sense why he is cheesy and annoying and I want to punch him.

Anyhow, the witches are clearly the best part of this movie, I love when Winnie shouts on her book "Boooooook!".

By the way, I liked that other kid better when he was turned into an immortal cat.

Best Scene: When the witches brooms are stolen so Mary has to use a hoover to fly!

Worst Scene: Anything with the children. I even prefer the 2 bullies over the cheesy children!

I saw this movie was on the Disney Channel a while ago so I thought I'd watch for a bit. It got to the part where the zombie (whose mouth is stitched closed) uses a knife on his mouth to cut it open and dust and moths fly out. And they cut that scene out! How dare they! Plus it doesn't make any sense cause it's a Disney movie so how can they cut it out on the Disney Channel?! You guys are insane. Let children see the reality of cutting your mouth open to let the moths fly out.

I give this movie 4/5
(It would have gotten 5 but as I mentioned many times...cheesy children!!)

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