Monday, September 27, 2010

The Toys I Had...

A list! People like lists and looking at other people's lists, so here's a list for you. LIST! One more time? list...  I whispered that one.

Okay, back to it!

  • Polly Pocket - Good point: Their feet are magnetic! Bad point: They smelled like metal.
  • Tamagotchi - Good point: Fun! Bad point: I remember my great granny said "You're always playing with that little thing, why don't you watch tv for a change?!"
  • My Little Pony - Good point: I had a lot of them and one that you could keep stuff locked inside of it. Bad point: They don't do much.
  • Lion King Mirror - Good Point: When you press the button and the monkey says "asante sana squashed banana!" Bad point: When I search google, there are no references to it! It existed, I swear to god it did!
  • Spirograph - Good point: The most fun when you do it really fast. Bad point: Adults who don't know spirograph will think you are insane for drawing that.
This doesn't really count as a toy but I remember Tiny Terrapins. Oh tiny terrapins, I collected most of you guys.

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