Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Little Different Today

I'm going to blog my usual stuff but in the form of a poem this time, so unlike my other poems which have no real meaning, this one shall.

Yesterday Leonnie came over for the day
We all played Cluedo for most of her stay
And when we tried to figure it out
I can tell you everyone was in doubt!
For one simple reason and that reason being....

The inspector told us that not any of us had done it
Then Paul read us an inspectors note that announced we HAD done it
As we crossed off mustard, and we crossed of Green
I wrote in my notes "Rusty did it!" then found it had not been
Rusty I mean

The truth is that Paul
Yes, that's right Paul
Had misread
While eating bread

So to him, I simply say
On behalf of the Crew
"Goddamnit Bud!"

We were all so confused
We even mused
that the the inspector
might be lying

So to you all I say
Read real carefully
When playing Cluedo DVD Version


Bud said...


"One of you was **** the theif today"

Leonnie said...

xD xD Such a deep poem! With Profound meaning! It's a lesson for all!

Anonymous said...

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