Monday, March 27, 2006


Not posted in a while, so I'm posting now. I'll tell you some new things and post some pictures above this post here. Ok, first things first...I got a new laptop, I say new laptop but I never had an old one to start with so...I guess I just got a laptop. Two words or one? Laptop? Lap top? I'm not sure.

Oh! Just remembered. Ok, I already knew that I was on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) but I just found out that I am on this other page too, and I didn't put myself on there! Here it is

I'm on a German webpage! YAY! Filme, an denen Laura D. McBryde beteiligt war. That is cool. And look, Cary Grant is on the same page as me!

New pictures above.

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Bud said...

WOOOO! Spread the fun.